Dances with Words


One. cool. story. Take one look at old photographs and see just how fashion has changed over time: crazy clothes, goofy hairstyles, formal poses. Peer closely though: do the people … Continue reading

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The Always War

Another novel in the dystopian genre, The Always War by Margaret Haddix is set in a time when no one, not even the oldest person, can remember when their part … Continue reading

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Byline: Mary Galloway Dovey

Good Language Arts teachers not only need to read, but to write. Recently, I created PDF files of some of my favorite published works. Rowan Engineers: First Class Professionals: DoveyEngineersCL AtlantiCare salutes … Continue reading

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Code Name Verity

World War II. Spies–and two incredibly brave young women in harm’s way, fighting against the Nazis. The story is told in two parts: the first, from the point of view … Continue reading

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I loved Divergent AND Insurgent, the sequel to author Veronica Roth’s dystopian novel about a divided future Earth. The main character, Tris, who narrates the story was a complex  heroine … Continue reading

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Touching Spirit Bear

I’ll bet a lot of us have seen the poster listing all the things that “Children Learn What They Live.” Too bad Cole Matthews’ parents didn’t pay attention–they might have … Continue reading

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A Mystery and a Comic Book

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Sara Nickerson has more twists and turns than a haunted maze, but is almost as much fun. Two fatherless girls, 12-year-old … Continue reading

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Stolen Children

Babysitting can be a great first job and way to earn spending money. So when middle-schooler Amy agrees to baby-sit three-year-old Kendra Edgerton one afternoon she’s excited–and has no idea she’s … Continue reading

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The Summer Before Boys

For those children whose mother or father is in the military and deployed in a dangerous part of the world, the waiting and worrying really can’t be described. Yet, amazingly, … Continue reading

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I’m always in favor of any book that introduces “25 cent” words, and the title alone does that! It takes a while, however, to realize exactly what Divergent means. Readers … Continue reading

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