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The Raft

the_raft-1If you’ve ever NOT done what your parents have told you, then The Raft may make you think otherwise as the story shows just how much life can change in the blink of an eye. The protagonist, Robie, is visiting her aunt in Hawaii when an event spooks her and she decides she needs to return home quickly. The problem is that home for Robie is Midway Island accessible only by a small cargo plane. Unbeknownst to her aunt or any of her relatives, Robie boards the plane, expecting the flight to be as uneventful as ever. After all, she’s done this route many times–what could happen?

A storm at sea downs the plane, and Robie finds herself and a Max, a new and injured crew member, alone on a raft. Miles from land with no phones or other navigation equipment is tough, and, except for a pack of Skittles, they have no fresh water or food.

And then the real trouble begins.

The Raft will transport readers into a part of the world many may not be familiar with, but Robie’s efforts at survival will ring true to anyone who’s read or watched the Adventure genre. A twist at the end should be a surprise for even the most experienced readers.


Gerne: Adventure


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