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Allegiant_novel_coverI loved Divergent AND Insurgent, the sequel to author Veronica Roth’s dystopian novel about a divided future Earth. The main character, Tris, who narrates the story was a complex  heroine and I couldn’t wait for the third installment of the trilogy, Allegiant, to be released in paperback . Finally, I couldn’t wait anymore and when I saw it at Walmart for 12.99, I couldn’t help myself: into the cart it went. I anticipated a couple of evenings of escape–enjoying every minute being immersed in Roth’s world as the characters learned “what was beyond the fence.”

I thought wrong.

Although it’s only  been  a few weeks since I’d finished Insurgent, a lot of life has gotten in the way. Unfortunately,  I found myself  lost on Allegiant’s first page. Thinking that like a lot of sequels, the author would “rewind” the events of the past a couple of pages in, I wasn’t too concerned at first. No such luck however. Since I didn’t have Insurgent at home to reread, I pushed on, hoping that eventually the  characters (were that really that many in the first books?) and the plot elements would fall into place. Even that hope died when I hit Chapter 2. I realized with a shock the author was trying a new technique, randomly alternating  chapters from Tris’ point of view, to Tobias’, her former instructor and love interest. While that’s an interesting format, and works really well for Gordan Korman and other authors, Roth’s characters share the same settings and sound  too much alike for this reader to tell them apart. Unless I was very diligent and  paid close  attention to each chapter heading, I’d lose track of who was narrating and get even more confused.

Honestly, I don’t think I can explain who or what is “Allegiant,”or even what happens or why. Do I sound disappointed? I hope so because I am. I’d had such high hopes for a satisfying end to a complex story. Still, someone who has just finished Insurgent might fare better. You ‘ll find Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant in the Series book section.


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