Dances with Words

The Hotel Thief/The Road to Paris


Two girls, one white and one bi-racial, have both essentially been left by their parents. Sammy is the lucky one–she has a grandmother who steps in even when building codes and nasty nosy neighbors say granddaughters can’t live in senior housing. Paris has only her brother until he, too, is ripped away from her by foster care. Fortunately, after several horrific foster home experiences, Paris meets the Lincolns who show her the meaning of love and family. While Sammy outwits clueless adults,including inept policemen, to solve a crime she witnessed from her Gram’s window, Paris has to learn to trust those who are supposed to care for her. Both books are short, but packed with energy and emotion. Read them together or separately, but when you do, take a minute to think about and thank the people in your life who love and protect you. Find Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief in Mystery, and The Road to Paris in Authors G.


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