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It Oughta Be A Sitcom: Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

20121127-164914.jpgLooking for a story that’s funny, well written, and is probably a true peek into what high school might be like? Try David Lubar’s Sleeping Freshman Never Lie. Think of your favorite sitcom: a couple of main characters, their friends,one or two enemies, a couple (maybe) clueless adults, and week after week of interesting conflicts with lots of plot twists and turns. That’s a lot like the way David Lubar’s book reads as “average” Scott Hudson navigates his first year in high school. Because it’s a book, however, readers get an added bonus: Scott’s journal-within-the-novel, written to his soon-to-be-born baby brother where he offers tips on life including what to avoid in the school cafeteria, how to deal with girls and other topics. Scott gets into one crazy situation after another that a lot of kids will relate to. One thing I liked? Scott is reader who gets a kick out of words, and because the author is from our part of the world, he’s made Scott a Phillies fan. One thing I didn’t like? The title. Read it and tell me what you think–and what title you might have given it? (NOW-click on the Comments. The author, David Lubar, read my post and explained how the title came to be–and more!) Find SFNL in New Arrivals or Funny in Room 17.


3 comments on “It Oughta Be A Sitcom: Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

  1. David Lubar
    November 29, 2012

    Funny thing about the title — the book was almost punished as Flux Sucks, but my editor got cold feet at the last minute, fearing that “sucks” would hurt sales. We had a brainstorming discussion on the phone, and SFNL is what we came up with. Thanks for the kind words about the book. I’ve actually started thinking about trying to pitch it as a sictom, so your post has inspired me to keep exploring that avenue.

  2. mdovey
    November 29, 2012

    Thanks for responding; it’s not everyday we hear from an author. If they could, my eighth graders would tell you how I nearly shouted when I noticed the comment as I was showing them the blog. I had just decided–last night actually–to post reviews of books we actually have in our library, or can get from the library easily. By the way, we love Dunk too, and really enjoy the local connections. We’re located 30 minutes outside Atlantic City.

  3. Tara
    November 29, 2012

    Oh! How exciting to have the David Lubar comment on your post! I love how book blogging connects people. I’ve often thought about reading this books (the title sure is catchy), and your sitcom comment is making me go give it another look. I love a good sitcom.

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